Our history

 - KNI Engros; The youngest branch of the KNI tree


Although KNI Engros is part of KNI, our history does not stretch all the way back to 1774. In the days when KGH held a monopoly on trade in Greenland, there was no basis for wholesale trading in the form we know it today. After the abolition of the trade monopoly in 1951 wholesale trading started up on a very small scale, primarily in monopoly goods such as cigarettes, spirits, beer, etc.

In 1964, Pilersuisoq's shop in Nanortalik was taken over by the local supermarket association, and after that private shops quickly began to be established in Greenland. At the same time wholesale trading by KGH/KNI Engros began to rise, and this accelerated in 1986 when KGH was taken over by the Government of Greenland from the Danish state.

Today KNI Engros sells all kinds of goods, and holds the contract for nationwide distribution of beer and carbonated drinks.

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