Our sponsorships

- Each year, KNI A/S sponsor a wide range of social, cultural and sporting activities

This is primarily done through long-term agreements with a number of organisations and institutions that reflect our values and our vision of being an active player in the development of society.

We currently sponsor, among others:

  • Arctic Circle Race
  • Arctic Sports Qaarsut
  • Nagdlúnguak´ 1948 (N-48)
  • Projects for vulnerable children 
  • Neriuffik (Cancer Society)
  • Dog Sled Race
  • Newly qualified undergraduates, Ilimmarfik

As part of KNI's social commitment and social responsibility, we provide ongoing support to humanitarian organisations and activities for vulnerable children. In addition to the Greenlandic Children’s Society, we also have a partnership agreement with MIO – Meeqqat Inuusuttullu Oqaloqatigiinnittarfiat (Children’s Rights Institution).

Besides our standard sponsorships, we also support a number of individual events at national or local level, either in the form of cash donations or products. (Please note: Polaroil does not sponsor with fuel).

We have drawn up a sponsorship policy that applies to all of KNI A/S.

Sponsorship support can be given to:

  • Activities that promote KNI’s visibility and support the Group's desire to be an active and responsible player in social, cultural and sporting areas.
  • Activities that support KNI's vision and mission, and represent values with which KNI is happy to be associated.
  • Activities that include a plan for how KNI will be promoted in return for the sponsorship.

Please note:

We do not sponsor the participation of local sports associations in national rallies.


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