Our social responsibility

- It’s all about human well-being


With our activities throughout Greenland we play a central role in society, and so we naturally share a joint responsibility for the development of the country.

At KNI, we focus on the professional and personal development of our employees, as we see ourselves as not only part of the business world, but also part of the educational system. Our personnel policy and corporate culture is based on respect for the culture and social structure of Greenland.

We are therefore committed to CSR Greenland – an organisation that works to ensure that corporate social responsibility is coordinated and developed. Here, we focus in particular on providing support for social, cultural and sporting purposes. In a country with limited resources and a difficult infrastructure, it is natural for us to contribute towards the promotion of activities which are important to society – also on a local level.

In the end, for KNI, it's all about the well-being of human beings.


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