- A modern and well-consolidated company

KNI consists of five company units, all of which are managed on the basis of modern principles. We supply all of Greenland with groceries, consumer goods and fuels.

Via our energy division, Polaroil, we are responsible for the supply of liquid fuels to all of Greenland.

Our retail chain, Pilersuisoq, operates shops selling groceries and other consumer goods in 12 towns and 53 villages. We also operate duty-free sales in Greenland's two international airports.

KNI Engros sells and distributes wholesale products to companies and institutions throughout Greenland.

At the Neqi slaughterhouse, around 23,000 lambs are slaughtered and processed each year.

At, all Greenland’s webshop, we offer thousands of non-food products from all over the world.


KNI A/S • J.M. Jensenip Aqq. 2 • 3911 Sisimiut
T +299 86 24 44 • E