- Greenland's biggest trading and service company


Greenland is a society in rapid development – and so is KNI, which links the entire vast country with deliveries of vital supplies.

KNI’s headquarters is located in Greenland's second-largest town, Sisimiut, close to the Arctic Circle and the international airport in Kangerlussuaq – the transport hub of the country. We employ more than 1,000 employees all over Greenland, and have an annual turnover of around DKK 2.5 billion.

To understand our group is to understand the modern history, social structure and development of Greenland itself. Welcome to a world of responsibilities and challenges. Welcome to KNI’s world.

Your sincerely

Managing director, Mr. Jeppe Jensen, KNI A/S


KNI A/S • J.M. Jensenip Aqq. 2 • 3911 Sisimiut
T +299 86 24 44 • E